HydroXtreme is the most powerful series sold by Bathmate, and considered the most powerful Hydropump legally solid in the world. With 89%* of users satisfied, HydroXtreme ensures real, lasting results. We currently offer 6 different HydroXtreme pumps.

HydroXtreme is simple to use. In the shower or bath, fill the pump with warm water, insert your penis and seal the pump to your body. Build up the vacuum pressure by pumping out water using the handball provided, and you'll soon feel HydroXtreme start to take effect. Use for up to 5 minutes at a time, 3 times a day for maximum gains.

We've designed a HydroXtreme pump to suit practically any size of user, fitting anyone measuring between 1 and 11 inches (2.5-28 cm) when erect. Our most popular size is the HydroXtreme7 suited for users measuring between 5-7 inches (13-18 cm) when erect.

The results of using HydroXtreme significantly vary depending on the individual, and workout frequency. Some users have reported gains with a noticeably increased length/ girth after several months of regular use. We guarantee satisfying results, no matter what you're expecting.

When you buy from the official Bathmate site, we guarantee satisfying results. You'll have 60 days after purchase to see the effects of HydroXtreme for yourself - if you're not satisfied for any reason, we'll give you a 100% complete, no questions asked refund.

After a pump session, you'll see major temporary gains, right from the first use of your HydroXtreme. These typically fade quickly, with longer-lasting gains requiring regular workouts - just like any other kind of exercise.

HydroXtreme is our second best-seller, harnessing the power of water instead of air like our other pumps, it offers more power than any other Bathmate series, and any other Hydropump legally sold. This completely changes the dynamics, delivering better results, making HydroXtreme easier and more convenient to use, while ensuring that there's no awkward preparation or cleanup. If your looking to take your workout to the extreme and maximize gains, the HydroXtreme series is for you.

When you buy a HydroXtreme from this site, we'll give you completely free shipping, wherever you're located. If you'd like faster delivery for your pump, we offer express shipping at checkout.